Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Character Development with Zbrush

Character Exploration

Awesome concepts by Joshua James Shaw and Adam Fenton.  Zbrush character development, but unfortunately cancelled title under THQ. 

Bodypaint tests

Seeing if Bodypaint could handle polygons from Zbrush and sure enough it did a nice job.  

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

THQ's Legends of Wrestlemania

For this assignment I had to take existing game models, from Yuke's, pose them and make them look like their real counterparts, used for character menu selection.  30+ within a couple months.  Phew that was a biyattch!

Zbrush Clothes for THQ's Saints Row 2

Clothing modeled in Zbrush for normal map generation onto game meshes.  

Contessa textured by Marc Uptergrove

She was modeled in Zbrush and transitioned into a game model.  Very gorgeous textures by my bud Marc Uptergrove.  And, out of our lives she went.  Cancelled THQ game.

Bumblebee TF2 game model Rendered by Joel Kittle

Game model for Activision's Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen 360 and PS3 game.  Beautifully rendered by Joel Kittle. 

Keeper of The Undead

Created for a Blizzard art contest. Placed honorable mention. Used textured brushes in Photoshop for the first time, while making this piece.  Me likey!

First Digital Illustrations

Machine Union concept

Zbrush WIP